Anonymous Comrade sent in this odd link:

How this little webzine ended up on the ABC News site has got to be a question for the marketing department. However, it does provide some interesting factoids.

An Excerpt: "We are a nation hooked on fast food . Last year, Americans spent $110 billion on fast food, more than on higher education or personal computers or computer software or even new cars. Yet despite statistics that show fast food is a major contributor to obesity, heart disease and food poisoning, we have done little to change our collective craving for everything fast and fried."


Uncle Fluffy writes "The BBC is reporting that The United States has dropped its complaint
against Brazil for allowing the production of
generic Aids-treatment drugs within the South
American country.

The US filed its complaint with the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) in February over a Brazilian
law that permits a local company to
manufacture a product, made by a foreign
company, if that company fails to initiate
production within Brazil within three years.

The US complained that the Brazilian law
discriminated against all imported products and
was a protectionist measure.

For its part, Brazil had accused the Bush
administration of launching an attack on its
successful Aids-treatment programme, adding
that the pharmaceutical industry exerts a
disproportionate influence on Washington."

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