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Musopen Is Freeing Classical Music From the Chains of Copyright David Bollier, On the Commons Ludwig von Beethoven died 183 years ago. So why is his music still locked behind copyrights and not available for free to everyone? Because even if the music itself is in the public domain, the recordings of his music, or perhaps the sheet music (with special arrangements or notation) can be copyrighted by the orchestras that perform the music or the composers who notate it.
Historian Tony Judt Dies, Aged 62 Guardian Tony Judt, the British writer, historian and professor who was recently described as having the "liveliest mind in New York", has died after a two-year struggle with motor neurone disease. Considered by many to be a giant in the intellectual world, Judt chronicled his illness in unsparing detail in public lectures and essays – giving an extraordinary account that won him almost as much respect as his voluminous historical and political work, for which he was feted on both sides of the Atlantic.
A Countercultural Conversation With Noam Chomsky Mr. Fish The following is an interview with professor Noam Chomsky that was conducted on June 19, 2008 (the 126th anniversary of the invention of American baseball and on what would have been Moe Howard’s 111th birthday), at MIT in Cambridge. The purpose of our conversation was to examine (for a graphic memoir/critique of contemporary culture that I’d just begun working on) the question of why the counterculture, which had been so endemic to the politics of dissent in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, no longer seemed to exist in any viable way. Having used only a small portion of our talk for my book, I felt that the complete exchange was sufficiently interesting to offer up to those who, like me, consider professor Chomsky to be, all by himself, The Beatles of all smart guys, with every interview that he participates in between the publication of his books being the equivalent of Beatle bootlegs, fascinating in their improvised eloquence and revelatory in their matter-of-factness.
Football and Class Struggle In Italy, catenaccio was class struggle! In June of 2006, Negri talks with Renaud Dely and Rico Rizzitelli, journalists from Liberation. Football, Fordism and class struggle are some of the topics which come up throughout the interview. Q: How can it be that you, a Marxist philosopher, radical thinker and theorist of the alterglobalization movement, support AC Milan, club owned by Silvio Berlusconi? That is precisely why I cannot leave! I am a slave to my passion! It is like when you have a friend who is a prostitute: you love her no matter what! Before, people on the right and on the left would support Inter and Milan respectively. It was parallel to their political commitments. It is much more confused today. It is not necessary to take the economic organization of the club very seriously. I love AC Milan because it is my father’s club and of my children. I participated in the creation of the Brigate Rossonere,(1) which have nothing to do with the Brigate Rossi; it was before, in the 1960’s. We were followers of the left and we installed ourselves in the south end of the stadium. I have three children and they are all ‘Milanistas’. My daughter married a ‘Interista’, which caused a lot of problems. (jokingly) It made me happy when they separated. At any rate, football is nothing more than a game….
More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger David Kupfer in conversation with Pete Seeger, Reality Sandwich "There is hardly anything bad in the world that doesn't have something good connected to it." Pete Seeger is one of the world's quintessential activists, having played such an important role in singing the songs and engaging in the struggles of the civil rights, free speech, human rights, anti-Vietnam War, environmental, peace, anti- nuclear, and social justice movements. He spans musical eras, from those who inspired him, Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly, to those he inspired, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bruce Springsteen, Dave Mathews, and Ani DiFranco.
"Art-Producing Objects" Metamatic Research Initiative Call For Entries The Métamatic Research Initiative is launching a call for entries to commission six individual art works in line with its mission. The initiative welcomes proposals from visual artists working in all disciplines. The Métamatic Research Initiative's mission is to stimulate research into ideas stemming from the work and philosophy of the French-Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-1991). Specifically, the research initiative focuses on Tinguely's exploration of the relationship between the artist, the art work and the viewer as expressed in his Métamatic sculptures. The call for entries is part of a broader effort of the initiative, in which funding will be given to both academic and artistic research activities, ranging from educational projects for young people to the commissioning of individual art works.
December 2009 Autonogram Greetings Autonogram Subscribers, Here we find ourselves in December, with winter approaching and the days growing shorter. But thankfully this does not just mean the end of the year, but also the start of another, and with that the release of the 2010 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints. Here’s to another year of radical media making, occupying and subverting from California to Copenhagen, and general trouble making and mischief! So without further ado, here’s some recent developments:

Skin of the Goat Artist Cookbook Party
New York City, April 24, 2014

Book Launch with Kirby Gookin & Robin Kahn
Thursday, April 24, 6-8 PM
Printed Matter Artists Bookstore
195 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

T: 212 925 0325
F: 212 925 0464

Join us in launching three recent artists' cookbooks, featuring the various work of Robin Kahn and Kirby Gookin as editors and contributors, as well as that of many others. The publications explore themes at the intersection of food, identity and art, as well as offer recipes that emerge from a range of projects carried out around the world.

Skin Of The Goat: A Type of Cook Book is a compilation of essays, conversations and recipes from the artists, writers, researchers and participants who inhabited New York artist Robin Kahn’s The Art of Sahrawi Cooking project at dOCUMENTA(13) in Kassel, Germany, during the summer of 2013. Easy Eating: Healthy Affordable Recipes is a project for Avant-Gardening, a course at the School of Visual Arts, NY, that investigates artists who employ gardening, farming and/or food as their medium. me-n-u: A Taste of Identity collects recipes that blend art, food and identity into edible portraits concocted by each artist and then offered to the public.

President's Pardon Day, Beyond Capitalism, Beyond Empire
Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 15, 2014

9pm, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014
Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick—L train Morgan stop
12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

Who would you pardon?

Join us for an enlightened evening as spectator, participant or both,

Jacob Cohen-cello • Carrie Dashow–Yesiree the Public Notary* • Noah Fischer • Happy Tears-harpsichord • Frederikke Hauberg-dance • Jim Costanzo

To further the vision of what is possible Beyond Capitalism at the end of empire, we are calling for Presidential Pardon for OWS's Cecily McMillan and Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Lynne Steward, Aaron Swartz and Marissa Alexander. Beyond individuals, we are also calling for the pardons of victims of Stop & Frisk, pardons for te prisoners of war on drugs, pardon all debtors.

BEYOND CAPITALISM: People and the Environment before Profits

The Aaron Burr Society is launching the next phase of the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion, an Occupied Rebellion, at the Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick.

*Officially Concur presidential pardoning with Yesiree the Public Notary (may need I.d.). All concurring Pardons will be combined into an actual legal and official presidential pardoning post to be delivered by the Aaron Burr Society, possibly on foot, or possibly by mail.

The Aaron Burr Society is launching the next phase of the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion, an Occupied Rebellion, at the Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick.

9pm, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014
Pine Box Rock Shop
a bar in Bushwick—L train Morgan spot
12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

Richard Kostelanetz Presents One Dozen New Books
March 25, 2013, New York City

On Monday 25 March, 2013, at 7 pm. at McNally-Robinson, 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry Streets, Richard Kostelanetz will present over one dozen recent books rarely, if ever, seen before, many of them mostly produced with the new technology of “on-demand printing” and thus reasonably priced.

Among them are Epiphanies, two vols., 1000 pages, one story to a book page, culminating thirty years of work with resonant single-sentence fictions.

Conceptual Fictions, a long essay with examples about the framing of implicit narratives.

Visual Fictions, collecting pages designed more than a decade ago for my Openings and Complete Stories, along with his Leonardo and Me.

Verbal Fictions, various narratives that are not visually enhanced.

Vocal Shorts, an expanded edition of his texts designed for live performance.

Openings Short Fictions, the initial sentences of otherwise nonexistent stories.

Reflections on Loving and Relationships, his aphorisms continuously on right-hand pages against drawings of men and women made by the prominent choreographer Frances Alenikoff.

A Universe of Sentences, his continuous selection of lines by others worth remembering, the whole representing a universe of experience.

1001 Stories Enumerated, single-sentence fictions meant to be complete in themselves.

Erotic Minimal Fictions, a variety of alternatives.

Fields/Arenas/Pitches/Turfs, which completes the publication of geometric poems begun thirty years ago.

1-99: A Book, another narrative composed only of numerals.

Ghostories, which are fictions created by boldfacing certain letters within a single word.

Homophones: Stories, where narratives are composed from two or more words that sound alike if spelled differently.

To & Fro &, where narratives depend upon turning the book’s pages.

Ops & Clos, where opening and closings, each set with its own typography, are interspersed.

English, Really English, in which he collects English words that seem incredible—over five thousand of them alphabetically in several perfectbound volumes.

What I Didn’t Do, which epitomizes intellectual nonhistory as Kostelanetz’s record of proposals that were never supported.

A Book of Eyes, photocopied and velobound, which explores the richly various ways that the letter I appears in contemporary typography

His presentation may also include such slightly older books as Skeptical Essays (Autonomedia), his latest collection of mostly severe criticism; Three Poems (NY Quarterly), where his experiments with three strains of one-word poetry appear interspersed; and Micro Fictions, a limited-edition hardback with 900 pages of imaginatively designed narratives all three words and less.

All these books should add to acknowledgments of Kostelanetz’s books in critical histories of literature, poetry, fiction, and book art.

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