Protest Round-Up From Copenhagen Danish police arrest 150 activists as world leaders arrive in Copenhagen More: weiter... Police fire tear gas and arrest protesters who try to storm Copenhagen summit More: Massive attack on the freedom of press More: Pictures protest and police COP15 16 December 2009 More: Friends of the Earth among activists barred from Copenhagen conference centre More: Find more independent news on or timeline on
Up to 200 Arrested in Christiania Police Raid ekstrabladet Police have, according to, stormed Christiania/Freetown, which is happening right now, mass arrests are made inside the area. 150-200 persons have been held up for administrative detention, said the police press spokesman Johnny Lundberg to There has been trouble since 22:30 o'clock in the context of a great celebration for the people who attended today's demonstration, which was dissolved for dinner in Christiania. 500 people were in a circus tent, which held a concert. A climate activist told TV2 News that police threw tear gas into the party in the hall after the city was stormed. The police can neither confirm nor deny.

Resistance High in Dutch Anti-Squatting Effort

Today, the 1st of November 2011, there were quite a few squats on the list to be evicted in Amsterdam, including a popular social centre and squats where the owners did not start a courtcase yet.

After the successful “reclaim the hood” manifestation (posting in dutch language, but with photos) the squatters in Amsterdam started preparing for the “eviction circus” on 1/11/11, and that went very well.

It took the cops more than a full 12 hour day to evict more than five squats where people were inside with lockons (photo from webcam). This was a clear victory for the squatters.

Wall Street Firms Spy on Protesters In Tax-Funded Center
Pam Martens, Counterpunch

Wall Street's audacity to corrupt knows no bounds and the cooptation of government by the 1 per cent knows no limits. How else to explain $150 million of taxpayer money going to equip a government facility in lower Manhattan where Wall Street firms, serially charged with corruption, get to sit alongside the New York Police Department and spy on law abiding citizens.

According to newly unearthed documents, the planning for this high tech facility on lower Broadway dates back six years. In correspondence from 2005 that rests quietly in the Securities and Exchange Commission's archives, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly promised Edward Forst, a Goldman Sachs' Executive Vice President at the time, that the NYPD "is committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive security plan for Lower Manhattan...One component of the plan will be a centralized coordination center that will provide space for full-time, on site representation from Goldman Sachs and other stakeholders."


LSD Pioneer Owsley Stanley Dies in Australian Car Crash

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Owsley "Bear" Stanley, a 1960s counterculture figure who flooded the flower power scene with LSD and was an early benefactor of the Grateful Dead, died in a car crash in his adopted home country of Australia on Sunday, his family said. He was believed to be 76.

The renegade grandson of a former governor of Kentucky, Stanley helped lay the foundation for the psychedelic era by producing more than a million doses of LSD at his labs in San Francisco's Bay Area.

"He made acid so pure and wonderful that people like Jimi Hendrix wrote hit songs about it and others named their band in its honor," former rock 'n' roll tour manager Sam Cutler wrote in his 2008 memoirs "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Africa World Social Forum: 'We Don't Want Everybody to Think the Same'
Isolda Agazzi

Dakar — It is only the second time that the World Social Forum (WSF)
takes place in Africa, the first one having been held in Nairobi, Kenya,
in 2007. Since the start of the WSF in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 10 years
ago, the organisers have been building African participation.

The number of people attending the WSF has steadily gone up: from 20,000
to 150,000. In Nairobi it dropped to 70,000, which made some observers


Warhol Foundation Threatens to End Financing of Smithsonian Exhibitions

The Andy Warhol Foundation is threatening to stop its financing of Smithsonian Institution exhibitions if the institution does not restore a work of art that was removed from an exhibition after it drew attacks by the head of the Catholic League and some Republican members of Congress. The Warhol Foundation gave $100,000 to the Smithsonian for the exhibition, “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture,”
at the National Portrait Gallery, from which the work was removed.

University of Puerto Rico Students Resume Strikes
Rossana Rodriguez

Students from six campuses in the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) system have held a series of 48-hour strikes in the last week to oppose the imposition of an $800 fee that is scheduled to take effect at the beginning of the January 2011 semester. Students at the Río Piedras campus were among of the first to go out after they held a December 1 mass assembly and voted by an overwhelming majority to strike if the administration does not rescind the new fee by December 14. The chancellor of the Río Piedras campus used every means possible to try to stop the students from gathering, including the canceling academic recess, freezing the bank account of the student council so that it couldn't pay for the sound system, and denying students the use of a space for their meeting. But UPR students are already used to doing things the hard way, so the night before, they raised funds by approaching cars stopped at traffic lights so they could rent a sound system for the outdoor meeting that lasted five hours under the harsh rays of a sunny day at the university's athletic track.

Cablegate: Operation Avenge Assange Begins Tech Herald Anonymous responded to Assange's arrest by taking down Swedish government site, the hive at 13:15 EST has hit more than 600 users. This is more than enough to cripple a given domain, considering that has minimal infrastructure support. There are calls in the IRC channel to target MasterCard, Visa, as well as PayPal. However, most of those in the room who are active in the attacks are sticking with a single target.
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