Denver Anarchist Held Without Bail in Copenhagen Dirty Hands Today we learned that an anarchist comrade and dear friend of ours has been arrested on two charges at the ongoing Cop15 actions in Copenhagen, Denmark and will be held without possibility of bail for at least three weeks. Solidarity in the form of letters of support (free to send), as well as legal donations, is urgently needed. Noah "Rockslide" of Denver, Colorado moved to Copenhagen several months ago and has been active in the organizing of resistance to the Cop 15 Summit. He has been arrested and charged with two counts (one is the Danish equivalent of a felony, the other a misdemeanor): Violence Towards Police and Disturbing the Public Peace. He is being held on remand at a jail outside Copenhagen awaiting a preliminary hearing on Jan 4th 2009, when he will be able make a petition for his release. It is possible that this preliminary hearing could be his trial, though this is unexpected because they normally take longer to prepare and the courts will be on holiday because of Christmas.
Victor Jara Laid to Rest 36 Years After Murder Pete Seeger Speaks About Victor Jara The body of Victor Jara was finally laid to rest today 36 years after he was tortured and murdered in the US-backed military coup that brought General Pinochet to power. Jara was a much loved folk singer and composer and also a member of the Chilean Communist Party. Thousands of people, including his British born wife Joan and the Chilean president, attended the funeral. Pete Seeger said of him, 'As long as we can sing his songs, Victor Jara will never die'. Footage of Pete Seeger speaking about Victor, from THE POWER OF THEIR SONG / LA FUERZAS DE SUS CANCIONES, a work-in-progress documentary by John Summa and John Travers: More coverage, from Gideon Long in Santiago, reporting for the BBC:
Leaked Agreement Rocks Copenhagen Emma Alberici, Australian Broadcasting Company The Copenhagen climate talks have been rocked by the leak of a draft final agreement which weakens the role of the United Nations in climate change negotiations and abandons the Kyoto Protocol. The "Danish text" draft agreement, published by the UK's Guardian newspaper, has been described as a dangerous document for developing countries.
Second Day of Street Protests Across Greece Libcom A second day of protest marches occupations and clashes across Greece marked the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder as pupils take to the streets The second day of the anniversary of Alexandros Girgoropoulos murder was marked with protest marches, occupations and large scale riots in major greek cities. Monday was the day of pupils as pan-educational marches against police brutality and in memory of Alexis were staged in all major greek cities
Danish Police Issue Protests Warning Ahead of Copenhagen Climate Summit TheCatalystCell COPENHAGEN - Danish police this weekend spelt out a tough warning about any violent protests at the 12-day UN climate conference starting in Copenhagen on Monday. "We are ready," Mogens Lauridsen, head of operations at Copenhagen police, told AFP late Saturday. "We have mobilized enough force from the entire kingdom to handle the heaviest task the modern police has ever been called upon to assume," he said. "We have anticipated every contingency, including the worst. We are confident, but we expect excesses because there will surely be protesters looking for violence." Six thousand police -- more than half of all the police in Denmark -- are being deployed in the capital. They could be reinforced to 9,300 men if need be, he said.
Riots in Greek Cities on Anniversary of Grigoropoulos Murder Anonymous Comrade Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A. Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens march. Police brutality during the marches to comemmorate the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder surpassed any limit today, in a coordinated operation of barbarity and crude violence against protesters across greece. Under socialist orders police violence has left dozens of people wounded.
Want to Sneak into U.S.? There's an App for That American College Prof Develops Cell-Phone Tool to Help Illegals Cross Border Chelsea Schilling Illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexico border now have a cell-phone tool to chart the best route, find food and locate people who will help them enter the country – courtesy of a professor at a state-funded university. Ricardo Dominguez, a University of California, San Diego tenured visual arts professor and activist, designed the Transborder Immigrant Tool, an application much like a global-positioning system used in cars, to help illegals find the best locations for food, water and groups to assist them as they sneak into America.
Solidarity University in Vienna, Austria Opened A few minutes ago, the Solidarity University (kritische und solidarische Universität = KriSU) was founded inVienna, Austria. KriSU-activists revitalized rooms which are vacant since 2 years for the public. KriSU reacts on the fundamental social, ecological and economic crisis of capitalist society. It sees itself as a part of the global university protests. Elfriede Jelinek, famous Austrian writer, declared her solidarity: “I am glad to support this action, since I would support any critical initiative weakening those encrusted university structures.” An international wave of solidarity has been carrying KriSU since its start had been announced. Paul Singer, secretary of state for solidarity economy in the labor ministry of Brazil stated: “This is the first project of a real democratic, open and solidaric university. I hope, that it will thrive and become an example for a new paradigm of education in a more equal society.” Anup Dash, professor of sociology at the university of Utkal, India says: “I should first of all congratulate you on this wonderful and much needed initiative, and I am sure it will soon build up the philosophical and social foundations for an alternative knowledge system to support the great transformation of the global social order that we are all working in different ways to realize.” KriSU is working for a solidarity economy to overcome poverty and existential fears. It is open to everbody willing to produce and share knowledge in a self-managed and cooperative way, not requiring formal education degrees. “A solidarity university must not support economic growth as and in itself and competition, but has to make wealth available for everybody” emphasize activists. One of them working for an agricultural reasearch organisation in Austria states: “Time is ripe for public discussion of the responsibility of universities for the disastrous ecologic and societal conditions and for drawing consequences.” The principles of KriSu are (1) a lively connection between research, education and pracrical activities, (2) self-management, feminism, antiracism and engagment against antisemitism and islamophobia, (3) non-commercial character, (4) independence from the state, (5) education for solidarity economy and a solidarity economy of education by means of research, mediation and development of self-managed, community-oriented and cooperative ways of production.
2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit Fears Green Christiania Squat Nearby Stefanie Marsh The Danish government will be cracking down on the Christiania squatter camp despite its green credentials Less than two weeks before the start of the UN’s climate summit in Copenhagen, a counter-cultural enclave in the heart of the capital has again been attracting the attention of the Danish authorities. Christiania, the sprawling commune that clings limpet-like to 32 hectares of prime property in the centre of Copenhagen, has been an anarchist stronghold and municipal headache ever since a group of squatters seized a former military barracks there in the late 1960s. Since the squat is technically illegal, by rights this part of Christianshavn should long ago have been converted into apartments. Instead this is where a population of more than 700 bikers, hippies, skaters, drug dealers, artists, anarchists, punks, activists, strays and vagrants live in a kind of organised chaos, pariahs to the Danish People’s Party, an increasingly popular and influential far-Right group that says Christiania is dangerous and want to see it demolished. It is feared that the dilapidated “state within a state” will form a mecca for the thousands of anti-globalisation protesters who are expected to descend on Denmark in the second week of December.
Grave Concerns about the Detention without Trial of the Kennedy Thirteen: This Travesty Must End Rubin Phillip 18 November 2009 After their 6th inconclusive bail hearing today, it is now abundantly clear that the legal process for the Kennedy 13 is a complete travesty of justice. They are scheduled to appear again on the 27th November. By that time, some of accused will have been in prison for 2 months without trial - two months in prison without any evidence being presented to a court and without a decision on bail. This is a moral and legal outrage that amounts to detention without trial by means of delay. In our view, it borders on unlawful detention. I am, tonight, issuing a call for their immediate release - justice has been delayed far beyond the point at which it was clear that it had been denied.
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