Second New York City Feminist Zine Festival,
Barnard College, March 1, 2014

The NYC Feminist Zine Fest is back! In 2012, Elvis Bakaitis and Kate Angell launched the first Feminist Zine Fest - an event that packed the Brooklyn Commons to the gills. An expanded organizing team has worked hard to bring it back this year!

More than 30 amazing zine makers will come together at Barnard College to share their work. There will be zine readings, workshops, and of course oodles of fun and colorful zines.

WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 ~ 1pm to 6pm

WHERE: Barnard College (116th St and Broadway), James Room

It's free and open to the public.

"We Are All Ibus, and Basta!"
French Interview with bolo'bolo Author P.M.

[Translated and Introduced by Patrice Riemens]

The year 1983 saw the publication, in German-speaking Switzerland, of one of the oddest books ever: bolo'bolo, writen by one 'P.M.'. The book was nothing less than an overture toward an alternative model of society - at the global scale. A concrete utopia of sorts, based a multitude of self-supporting communities called Bolos. Thirty years later, the model has lost nothing of its potency. What probably can't be said of capitalism.

International Uranium Film Festival
New York City, Feb. 14-19, 2014

Pavilion Theater 188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Subway: F/G train to 15th Street

Addmission: $12.50 (adult), $9.00 (children, senior and matinee), $40 (1-day pass), $70 (2-day pass), $90 (3-day pass), $170 (6-day pass) Available at Box office (sorry, cash only).




HERR HOPPE AND THE NUCLEAR WASTE - Germany, 2011, 4 min, Directors: Jan Lachauer and Thorsten Löffler, Animation, English

AFTER THE DAY AFTER - USA, 2011, 6 min, Director and Producer: Nathan Meltz. Animation/ Experimental, English

THE LAST FLOWER - Iran, 2013, 6 min, Director: Sima Baghery, Fiction, Animation, no dialog

ABITA. CHILDREN FROM FUKUSHIMA - Germany, 2012, min, Directors: Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner, Animation, English subtitles

LEONID`S STORY - Germany / Ukraine, 2011, min, Director: Rainer Ludwigs, Producer: Tetyana Chernyavska, Animated Documentary, Russian, English Subtitles

HIBAKUSHA - USA, 2012, 54 min, Directors: Steve Nguyen and Choz Belen, Documentary with animation, English


SLOUCHING TOWARDS YUCCA MOUNTAIN - USA, 2011, 17 min, Director and Producer: Eve- Andrée Laramée. Experimental

THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA - USA, 2011, 92 min, Directors: Don Argott & Sheena M. Joyce. Documentary


TAILINGS - USA, 2012, 12 min, Director: Sam Price-Waldman, Documentary, English

SACRED POISON - USA, 2011, 30 min, Director and Producer: Yvonne Latty. Documentary

URANIUM - Canada, 1990, 48 min, Director: Magnus Isacsson, Producer: National Film Board of Canada, Documentary, English.


YELLOW CAKE. THE DIRT BEHIND URANIUM - Germany, 2010, 108 min, Director: Joachim Tschirner, Documentary, English


ATOMIC FOOTPRINTS - Australia, 2006, 14 min, Director: Pip Starr, Documentary, English
KINTYRE - Australia, 2012, 15 min, Director: Curtis Taylor, Producer: Curtis Taylor and Eleonor Winkler, Documentary, Martu and English, English subtitles

MUCKATY VOICES - Australia, 2010, 10 min, Director: Natalie Wasley. Documentary

AUSTRALIAN ATOMIC CONFESSIONS - Australia, 2005, 49 min, Director: Katherine Aigner, Documentary, English


ATOMIC BOMBS ON THE PLANET EARTH - UK/The Netherlands, 2011, 13 min, Director: Peter Greenaway, Producer: Video Design Irma de Vries, Experimental documentary, no dialog

NUCLEAR SAVAGE: THE ISLANDS OF SECRET PROJECT 4.1 - USA, 2012, 87 min, Director: Adam Jonas Horowitz, Documentary, Marshallese & English.

Appeal for Support for the No TAV Movement

We are guilty of defending our land. Support us!


Contributions can be made to the following account:
“Spese legali NO TAV” (Legal fees)
IBAN : IT22L0760101000001004906838 – BIC : BPPIITRRXXX
c/o BancoPosta in the name of
Pietro Davy Maria Chiara Cebrari

On the 7th of January 2014 (filed on 1/14/14) the Ordinary Court of Turin, detached section of Susa, ruled: “We jointly condemn and hold Alberto Perino, Loredana Bellone and George Vair to the payment of punitive damages amounting to € 191,966.29 to the plaintiff [LTF]” as well as € 22,214.11 to be paid to LTF sas for legal fees, for a total amount of € 214,180.40.

The civil lawsuit was filed by LTF sas because, according to them, on the night between 11 and 12 January 2010 they were prevented from carrying out the S68 survey in the area of the Susa autoporto (truck parking). The geognostic or exploratory surveys S68 and S69 were useless, so much so that they were never conducted or proposed again, neither in the preliminary draft nor in the final draft project for the international section of the Turin – Lyon new railway line.

That night, not far from the autoporto (truck parking), hundreds of protesters congested road access to prevent geognostic survey operations.

The Digos (the Division of the Italian Police for General Investigations and Special Operations) said that police forces would not come to clear out the protesters, they would politely ask to do the survey and, if they were refused, they would go away. And that’s what happened.

Later we discovered that it was a trap to tie the NO TAV Movement’s hands employing a new strategy: the imaginary claim for damages amounting to hundreds of thousands of Euros charged to key figures in the movement.

What Three Midnight Notes Students Learned in the Zapatistas’ “Little School House”
George Caffentzis, Dan Coughlin, Peter Linebaugh

Date: February 8, 2014
Time: 7:00PM
Venue: The Base, 1302 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Closest subway station: Central Avenue on the “M” train

Twenty years ago the Zapatistas emerged from the forests and mountains of Chiapas to occupy the major cities of that Mexican state and to recuperate for the landless hundreds of thousands of acres of land from the big landowners. During the 1990s the Zapatistas became known as the most effective example of the claim that “another world is possible.” Since then the Zapatistas have worked to turn that claim into a reality. Starting in August, 2013, they have invited thousands of people from all over the world to a program called “escuelita” allowing these visitors to learn from rank-and-file Zapatistas what freedom and autonomy mean to them in practice. To do this they have turned the state of Chiapas into a “little school house” or "escuelita" in Spanish.

Come to listen to and discuss what three students (George Caffentzis, Dan Coughlin and Peter Linebaugh of the Midnight Notes Collective), who went to the forests and mountains of Chiapas with thousands of others to be part of the experience, learned.

Los Angeles Poverty Department Events
Queens Museum, New York City, Jan. 31–May 11, 2014

The Queens Museum is pleased to announce Do you want the cosmetic version or do you want the real deal? Los Angeles Poverty Department, 1985-2014, the first museum survey of the Los Angeles-based performance group Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD). Founded in 1985 on Los Angeles’s Skid Row by performance artist, director, and activist John Malpede, LAPD is made up principally of homeless or formerly homeless people and has been an uncompromising force in performance and urban advocacy for almost 30 years. The exhibition at the Queens Museum will include documentation of works since their first in 1986 and live performances of two critically acclaimed works: State of Incarceration (2010-ongoing) in its East Coast premiere and Agentes & Activos, the North American premiere of the Spanish language version of Agents and Assets (2001-ongoing). In addition, during a five-week residency starting in January 2014, LAPD will engage Drogadictos Anonimos (DA), a Corona, Queens-based recovery group, in a unique partnership in which DA will perform in Agentes & Activos, and LAPD will serve as artistic mentors for the group’s street theater initiatives.

Exhibition & performance series connected w/ Queens Museum:
Do you want the cosmetic version or do you want the real deal? Los Angeles Poverty Department, 1985-2014
Jan 31 2014 – May 11 2014


. Exhibition opening celebration: Sunday February 2 fr/ 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Performance Dates

. State of Incarceration
Fri. Jan. 31 & Sat. Feb. 1, 2014 at 7:30 pm; Sun. Feb. 2 at 5 pm
Location: Queens Museum

. Agentes & Activos (Agents & Assets): Spanish-language performance with English Supratitles
Sat. Mar. 1, 2:30 pm: Langston Hughes Library, 10001 Northern Blvd, Corona, NY 11368
Fri. Feb. 28 & Sun. Mar. 2: locations to be announced. There will be at least one performance at the Queens Museum.

Open A.I.R Professional Development Workshops
. Fri. Feb. 7 fr/ 4:30 - 7:00pm: Educator Workshop

. Sun. Feb. 23, 2:00 - 6:00pm: Artists & Advocates Workshop

"Assault on the Impossible" Book Party
Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, New York City
7 PM, January 23, 2014

On Thursday 23 January 2014 at 7 pm
Autonomedia and Bluestockings invite you to Jordan Zinovich’s
(profusely illustrated) NYC Launch of
Assault on the Impossible: Dutch Collective Imagination in the Sixties and Seventies

Assault on the Impossible is the second Autonomedia title to examine the Provo transformation of the Netherlands. The Provo movement is unique in the modern era for having radically reshaped the political foundations of an important Western nation virtually without violence and continues to be a source of inspirational ideas and impulses. While our first title (Provo: Amsterdam’s Anarchist Revolt) focused on the birth, fluorescence, and decline of the movement’s political trajectory, Assault on the Impossible investigates the aesthetic and ludic interventions that generated the group mind underlying the politics.

2014 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints
Radical Heroes for the New Millennium!
James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective

Autonomedia's Jubilee Saints Calendar for 2014!
Our 22nd annual wall calendar, with artwork by James Koehnline, and text by the Autonomedia Collective.

Hundreds of radical cultural and political heroes are celebrated here, along with the animating ideas that continue to guide this project — a reprieve from the 500-year-long sentence to life-at-hard-labor that the European colonization of the "New World" and the ensuing devastations of the rest of the world has represented. It is increasingly clear — at the dawn of this new millennium — that the Planetary Work Machine will not rule forever!

Celebrate with this calendar on which every day is a holiday!

32 pages, 12 x 16 inches, saddle stitched

ISBN 978-1-57027-280-6 : price $9.95 : 32 pages

Get two, and we will send a third calendar for free!

Social Struggles in South Arica
Zach Levenson

CUNY Grad Center, 34th and 5th Avenue, New York City
4PM, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2014

Insurgent Notes ( is sponsoring a talk by Zach Levenson on recent struggles in South Africa’s townships, in which he was involved, both as a participant and an observer, for six months earlier this year.

He will speak on state and private land grabs and relocations, ethnic divisions, stratification within the casualized and unemployed work force, and some attempts by the township populations to self-organize. He will also discuss
the false dichotomy between “social democratic” and “neo-liberal” policies
at containment by the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

The talk will take place at the CUNY Graduate Center, at Fifth Avenue and 34th St., Manhattan, Room 5414, on Sunday Dec. 8th at 4 PM. Please bring photo ID to show at the main entrance.

Zachary Levenson is writing a dissertation on urban dispossession in South African cities after apartheid in UC Berkeley's Department of Sociology. He has been active in the student-worker movement at Berkeley, anti-austerity struggles in Oakland, and housing organizing in Cape Town. He returned last month from 6 months in South Africa, his second such stint in the past 2 years.

Review of Squatting in Europe
Amy Starecheski, City

Squatting in Europe: Radical Spaces, Urban Struggles is a collection of 10 essays edited by the Squatting Europe Kollective (SqEK). SqEK is a network of activists and scholars that formed in 2009 and has been remarkably productive over the past four years, convening nine gatherings and supporting the development of numerous research projects. This is their first book. SqEK’s organization mirrors that of the movements they study: horizontal and open. Both the SqEK project and this volume have intertwined activist and political aims, and these authors see the production and dissemination of knowledge about squatting as an essential part of their activism. In the service of that goal, the book is available as a free download, but has also been published as a printed volume. SqEK seeks to marshal the power of social scientific academic knowledge production to intervene with authority in current political discourse, and the essays included here largely fit within that frame. Most are written in the third person, and in a neutral, professional tone. While many participants have been involved in squatting and take their inspiration from those experiences, they are also serious researchers who ‘work together in order to develop a thorough, systematic and critical knowledge about this so frequently forgotten social movement’ (273). Much of the research in this volume would not have been possible without the authors’ direct participation in the movements they document, and it is one weakness of the work that the authors do not draw more directly upon their own experiences and personal insights.

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