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"Art in Russia Under Attack: Artists, Curators on Trial" Konstantin Akinsha With trials, harassment, and other forms of intimidation, Russian authorities are striking out against curators and artists—who are, in turn, organizing projects that are increasingly provocative and political. During the Brezhnev years, when “unofficial” artists were under constant surveillance by “art critics wearing civilian clothes,” as the secret police were euphemistically called, Soviet intellectuals had a favorite joke: Bolshevik leader Lenin and Commissar of Enlightenment Lunacharsky pay a visit to an art exhibition in Moscow. Lenin looks at a painting by Malevich and asks, “What is this? Squares? Triangles? What does it mean? I can’t understand this art.” Lunacharsky replies, “To be honest, Vladimir Ilyich, I can’t understand it either.” That was the last Soviet government that didn’t understand art, goes the ironic punch line. Ironic because every Soviet government understood art very well: they understood that it had to be tightly controlled.
Jeff Luers Back in Custody After Mistaken Release PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Self-proclaimed anarchist Jeff Luers was released Friday after years in prison for setting trucks ablaze in an environmental protest — but he was back in custody within hours. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jennifer Black said a mistake was made in calculating the amount to time off Luers could get for good behavior.
ANC Atrocity in South African Shack Settlement On Saturday 26 September, Abahlali baseMjondolo, the shack dwellers movement, was attacked in the Kennedy Road settlement, Durban, by an armed mob chanting ethnic slogans and backed, fully, by the ANC. [The following is based on a report from an Abahlali member in Durban] Kennedy Road is one of the poorest shack settlements in Durban. Local police appear to be entirely complicit in these attacks, as do local members of the African National Congress.
Oct 13 2009 4:49 am
Oct 14 2009 4:49 am
Studies in Transversality: Militant Research hosted by Micropolitics Research Group Tuesday October 13th PUBLIC LECTURE by Colectivo Situaciones (Buenos Aires) 17.00 – 19.00 Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths College Wednesday October 14th PUBLIC SEMINAR with A Traversad por la Cultura (Madrid), Colectivo Situaciones (Buenos Aires), Euromayday Hamburg, S.a.l.e. (Venice), Universidad Nomada (Barcelona), and many others. 14.00 – 19.00 RHB room 342 (in red brick main building), Goldsmiths College Studies in Transversality is a series of encounters between researchers, cultural workers, and organisers who are concerned with the contexts and consequences of their practices beyond their respective fields of specialisation, and who wish to open new lines of subjectivation. This session is the first of the year and brings together the practices of Colectivo Situaciones (Argentina), and a number of groups who are researching and organising around questions of creative labour, knowledge production and contemporary social movements in the UK and Europe today. Working through the notion of militant research, the session aims to examine the separations between university based academic research, cultural workers, and activists, the reason why these separations exist, and to share the working methods of these groups.
Oct 15 2009 2:15 am
Oct 17 2009 2:15 am
TURN*ON October 15 to 17, 2009 Montréal You are invited to dress-up your pubes and play with your profiles with other sexy folks from all over the world for the upcoming fourth Artivistic gathering. TURN*ON brings together artists (aka "Artists"), academics ("nerds"), and activists ("rebels") who take charge of issues related to sex, technology and politics. We invite you to MAKE the world with and alongside them. The three-day gathering will consist of workshops, films, interactive audio and visual installations, performances, actions, discussions, as well as moles and infrastructural interventions for and within our movements. We want to turn to the potency of pleasure, curiosity, humor, and desire in order to TURN*ON that which has yet to be thought and experienced differently.
Oct 7 2009 5:00 pm
Oct 7 2009 7:00 pm
War Resisters League Protest at Grand Central Station http://www.warresisters.org/files/GrandCentralflyer.pdf
"The Yes Men Fix The World" Movie Premiere Dear friends, After a very busy week - including a fake New York Post with real news (for a change), the launch of a nationwide civil disobedience program, some prime-time news, and even a night in jail - we are very happy to be opening our new film in New York City next week (October 7). But we need your help spreading the word. Our film's all about TAKING ACTION. We're even accompanying the film's rollout with a very pesky program that's all about saying: we all know what's wrong, now let's DO something about it. But it all starts in New York. If it does well here, theaters throughout the US will want it too. If it doesn't, they won't.
19 Arrested at Aetna's NYC Office Single-Payer Sit-In Nineteen people have been arrested at Aetna office in New York City during a sit-in to end insurance abuse and to win health care for all! Video of the event is available here: http://bit.ly/XRg6j
Bishops Speaks Out On the Attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban Bishop Rubin Phillip Democracy Under Attack in Kennedy Road I was torn with anguish when I first heard of the unspeakable brutality that has raged down on to the Kennedy Road shack settlement. In recent years I have spent many hours in the Kennedy Road settlement. I've attended meetings, memorials, mass ecumenical prayers and marches. I have had the honour of meeting some truly remarkable people in the settlement and the work of Abahlali baseMjondolo has always nurtured my faith in the power and dignity of ordinary people. I have seen the best of our democracy here. I have tasted the joy of real social hope here.
Phantasmagoric Systems On Konrad Becker's STRATEGIC REALITY DICTIONARY Brian Holmes [Konrad Becker's new "Strategic Reality Dictionary" will be launched on September 29 at Eyebeam in New York - a good occasion to freely distribute the preface. As I page through an old tome from the annals of strategic subversion, Marcuse's "Eros and Civilization," the closing lines of this short text ring truer than ever. -- best, BH] "Information is indeed 'such stuff as a dreams are made on.' Yet it can be transmitted, recorded, analyzed and measured," remarked Karl Deutsch in his 1963 book The Nerves of Government. The Czech-American social scientist was the leading Cold War specialist in "models of political communication and control." The latter half of the twentieth century saw a world-wide implementation of computerized social programming, aimed first at instilling order and paranoid regularity into the chaos that followed WWII, then increasingly, from the 1960s onward, at evoking febrile dreams from populations whose new mandate was not to labor, but to invent; not to produce, but to consume; not to fear, but to desire. By the late 1990s, after the massification of the Internet had begun in the wake of the integrated world spectacle of the First Gulf War, this condition was well known by at least some of those on the receiving end. Tactical reality hackers such as the Critical Art Ensemble, Arthur and Marielouise Kroker, Luther Blissett, the Yes Men, the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Marko Peljhan and the Bureau of Applied Autonomy arose to infiltrate the global information system and expose its (dys)functions with probes, pranks, parodies and satirical jokes. All of these groups and individuals operated in the tactical space of momentary incursion and instant retreat that had been mapped out by Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey, in his poetic anarchist pamphlet on the Temporary Autonomous Zone. The concerns of this slim volume are different. With his seventy-two keys, Konrad Becker aims to unlock the gates of strategic reality: its construction over centuries, its imposition through stealth and force, its dull and laborious maintenance, and its dissolution and destruction by those who can't take it anymore.
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