3rd Annual Finding Our Roots CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS April 24-26 2009, Chicago The theme of this year’s conference is SPACE. Why and how is space important to anarchists, and so often central to our struggles? What do we mean when we talk about “anarchist space”? What different spaces have anarchists created and struggled to keep and maintain; how have these spaces functioned and thrived, or failed to do so? What kinds of anarchist spaces exist currently, and how are they serving anarchist community as well as contributing to larger struggles for liberation and against capitalism? Examples could include infoshops, multiuse spaces, housing collectives, squats, farms, gardens, parks, free schools, workers’ collectives, or any other space dedicated to radical purpose and used by anarchists as a focal point or staging ground of struggle.
Announcing the 3rd Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair When: April 11, 2009 Where: Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Manhattan New York City, a center of anarchist life, culture, struggle, and ideas for 150 years, will host its third annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair, a one-day exposition of books, zines, pamphlets, art, film/video, and other cultural and very political productions of the anarchist scene worldwide, on April 11, 2009 at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan. In addition there will be two days of panels, presentations, workshops, and skillshares to provide further opportunities to learn more and share your own experience and creativity. The goal of the book fair is to enable people to connect with one another as well as to provide broader access to the rich and varied field of anarchist ideas and practices. We're living in interesting times; as they say, crisis equals both risk and opportunity. Now is the perfect time to be exploring those ideas and practices and bringing them into play in our communities and the world.
1st Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair Schedule + Bio's and list of speakers 1ST ANNUAL LOS ANGELES ANARCHIST BOOK FAIR WORKSHOPS & PANELS 11:00PM (Main Room) Welcome / Danza Cuauhtémoc 12:00PM (Main Room) Local Histories “Southern California Library and South Central Los Ángeles" by SCL Staff The Southern California Library is a people's library dedicated to documenting and preserving the histories of communities in struggle for justice and using our collections to address the challenges of the present so that all people have the ability, resources, and freedom to make their own histories. “Urban Zapatismo” by Sirena Pellarolo silvia. Sirena Pellarolo is an activist-scholar, published poet and playwright and educator born in Argentina. Sirena works with the Eastside Cafe, El Sereno, an autonomous space in Northeast Los Ángeles, inspired by the Zapatista example of autonomy, horizontality and self-determination. She is currently walking the politics of resistance and creation with autonomous movements of the Americas (Chiapas, Los Ángeles, Argentina) from an observing participant perspective. “Los Ángeles Anarchisms” by Vlad (Sandpaper/I.D.P. L.A.) & others (Reading Room)
The city from below: call for participation March 27th-29th, 2009 Baltimore The city has emerged in recent years as an indispensable concept for many of the struggles for social justice we are all engaged in - it's a place where theory meets practice, where the neighborhood organizes against global capitalism, where unequal divisions based on race and class can be mapped out block by block and contested, where the micropolitics of gender and sexual orientation are subject to metropolitan rearticulation, where every corner is a potential site of resistance and every vacant lot a commons to be reclaimed, and, most importantly, a place where all our diverse struggles and strategies have a chance of coming together into something greater. In cities everywhere, new social movements are coming into being, hidden histories are being uncovered, and unanticipated futures are being imagined and built - but so much of this knowledge remains, so to speak, at street-level. We need a space to gather and share our stories, our ideas and analysis, a space to come together and rethink the city from below. To that end, a group of activists and organizers, including Red Emma's, the Indypendent Reader, campbaltimore, and the Campaign for a Better Baltimore are calling for a conference called The City From Below, to take place in Baltimore during the weekend of March 27,28,29, 2009 at 2640, a grassroots community center and events venue.
"Worse than They Want You to Think: A Marxist Analysis of the Economic Crisis" A Talk by Andrew Kliman The New SPACE (The New School for Pluralistic Anti-Capitalist Education) Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. In their haste to promote redistributive policies and demonize the greed and corruption of Wall Street––and in their desire to avoid advocating a liberatory alternative to capitalism––liberals and leftists have sought to downplay the severity of the current economic crisis. In contrast, Kliman will argue that the crisis is every bit as serious and acute as the fear-mongering financial analysts and officials at the Treasury and Federal Reserve say it is. If the $800 billion rescue plan does not quickly restore lenders’ confidence in the system, the flow of credit may stop, causing the real economy, in the U.S. and abroad, to seize up. Income redistribution, infrastructure investment, financial regulation, and legal protections against foreclosures are not alternatives to the Wall Street bailout. The only alternative is a new, human, socio-economic system.
*Commonplaces of Transition* Screening and talk by Joanne Richardson, D Media, Romania Wed, 24 Sept, 7pm - 9pm Mute, Main Hall, The Whitechapel Center, 85 Myrdle Street, London E1 *Films* In Transit (30 min, 2008) Precarious Lives (excerpt, 43 min, 2008) Two or Three Things about Activism (excerpt, 73 min, 2008) On the following night 'Two or Three Things about Activism' will be screened at RampArt, see Commonplaces of Transition is a collaborative project between D Media (Romania), Ak-Kraak (Germany), Interspace (Bulgaria) and K:SAK (Moldova) that has produced 8 videos about the remapping of borders, the transformation of labour and the evolution of activism. Joanne Richardson will screen In Transit (30 min, 2008), Precarious Lives (excerpt, 43 min, 2008) and Two or Three Things about Activism (excerpt, 73 min, 2008), and discuss the connection of the project to video activism and counter-documentary. 'In Transit' is a diary of a journey through space and time, composed of subjective impressions of the present, childhood memories and recycled fragments of the past. While traveling across Romania in the year of its EU accession, the monologue reflects on the meaning of transition, the re-writing of history and the relation between images and memory. Multiple layers of signification emerge in references other films by Guy Debord, Chris Marker and Peter Forgacs. Joanne Richardson is living and working in Cluj as a theorist, artist and program director of D Media ( ). She is the editor of a webzine ( ) and two books on digital culture, has written essays on the radical left, video activism, tactical media, copyleft and has made videos on issues ranging from globalization, to nationalism and postcommunism.
[Alan Moore notes: "This is Nato Thompson’s joint. I must recommend it and him as a stand-up do-right political cutrator working in the institutional mainstream. He has roots. His gang was responsible for the exciting 2003 Chicago weekend guerrilla action called "Department of Space and Land Reclamation (DSLR)" (see for details). So this is probably going to be pretty good… Here is the event website: ] Artists Soldier for Democracy at the Park Avenue Armory 9/21-27 Daniel Kunitz (Village Voice, September 03, 2008) About a year ago, Nato Thompson, a curator and producer at the public-art organization Creative Time, woke up wondering why "life was such a bummer." "I thought I might actually be politically depressed," he says. "Political depression set in among a lot of people after the second election of George W. Bush—not just artists, but all sorts of people nationwide." With the war in Iraq, revelations about torture and illegal wiretapping, and the failures after Hurricane Katrina, there was "real confusion about democracy. There was this feeling that you can't stop anything." Thompson's cure for this depression was to organize "Democracy in America: The National Campaign," an artistic and political initiative, which during the week of September 21 to 27 will culminate in the Convergence Center at the Park Avenue Armory, a sort of political Lollapalooza. "It's not an art exhibition in the traditional sense," he says—though some 45 artists will be included. "It's more of a rally, more of a place to discuss, to hear speeches, to get excited."
The Art of Rent / A series of open seminars * GOVERNANCE AND THE INSTITUTION OF THE COMMON Final seminar Thursday 5 June, 4 to 7pm Room 4.08, Francis Bancroft Building Queen Mary University of London, Mile End STEFANO HARNEY - Queen Mary University of London JUDITH REVEL - Sorbonne University, Paris ALBERTO DE NICOLA - ESC atelier occupato, Roma ( RAUL SANCHEZ - UniNomada, Madrid (
Solidarity is a Weapon! Benefit for Marie Mason NYC June 7 A special video for the June 7th Day of National Resistance Against the Green Scare Derrick Jensen Acclaimed environmental writer, author of ‘Culture of Make Believe’, ‘A Language Older Than Words’, ‘Endgame’, and other works. Jensen discusses the recent state repression of activist groups (the “Green Scare”), the state of the environmental defense movement, and the fate of our planet. All proceeds will benefit the legal fund for Marie Mason and other recently arrested environmental activists. This is part of the June 7th National Day of Resistance Against the Green Scare. If you cannot make this event but would like to donate to the legal fund, you can do so at JUNE 7, 7PM $5–10 donation requested FUSIONARTS, 57 Stanton Street, Lower East Side NYC (between Forsyth and Eldridge, two blocks from Bluestockings). F at 2nd Ave
Common Cause will be hosting Hamilton's first ever Anarchist Bookfair. Free lunch. Childcare available. This is a transgender friendly space. Fellow underdogs unite in underdog city for a day of workshops, discussion, networking and of course literature! June 14th marks the day that the Common Cause Hamilton local will be hosting our first Anarchist Book Fair. In a city with a vibrant history of working class struggle such as Hamilton, the Book Fair presents a unique opportunity for people coming together to network,learn and build community.
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