2007 CrimethInc. Convergence

Athens, Ohio

July 26-31, 2006


Anarchist Camaraderie • Workshops and Discussions •
Direct Action Trainings • Planning for Mobilizations
through 2008 • Prisoner Support • Gift Economics •
Subversive Games • Anti-Capitalist Survival Skills •
Revolutionary Pleasure • Creating a Culture of

Please join us this summer for the sixth annual
CrimethInc. convergence, this time in the countryside
outside lovely Athens, Ohio. To attend, show up at 21
Kern Street, Athens, OH 45701 between noon and 10 pm
on July 25 or 26.


Make Capitalism History

Broaden the Mobilisation Against the G8 Summit
Call to Action by the Interventionist Left

June 2007. A never ending procession of demonstrators from all over the world, protesting against the summit of the G8 states, snakes through the streets of Rostock.

Tens of thousands greet the heads of government as soon as they arrive on the airport's runway and blockade the opulent conference location of Heiligendamm. Over and over again the smooth conduct of the meeting is threatened, as the summit's logistical support is disrupted by creative actions. In the public's eye are not the statements of the powerful, but the multiplicity of protests and resistance.

'Delegitimise the G8' is no longer a mere demand, it is what is actually happening on the streets, at the fences, in the debates in the camps and the countersummit – it is what is globally being recognised as the result of a series of preparatory Rostock Action Conferences.

For over a year, social movements, trade unions, campaigns of engaged Christians, different Non-Governmental Organisations, alterglobalists, the parties of the parliamentary and the networks of the radical left had prepared for this. Their common stance, their political will not to be separated in spite of their differences, rendered both the media's disinformation and the police's repression useless.

Call Out for No Border Camp in Ukraine 2007

The camp will take place from the 11th to the 20th of August 2007 in
the main region of transit and labor migration in Ukraine:

The eastward expansion of the European Union has resulted in moving
the walls of "Fortress Europe" to the Western border of Ukraine. The
Ukrainian region of Transcarpatia, of which the biggest cities are
Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, has become a new borderline, with increasing
militarization and major concentration of detention camps for refugees
from the countries of Global South and former USSR, who try to escape
war, totalitarianism or misery to the European Union countries. It is
hard to find any "open" information about the conditions in the
majority of these camps.

The condition of the refugees in Ukraine is very unstable: freedom of
movement is restricted; it is hard to get a job or medical care, and
no social security is provided. When one gets refugee status, the only
support they get from the state is a single payment of a petty 3
In recent years Ukraine has even extradited asylum seekers to places
like Uzbekistan, where they were imprisoned for years in the notorious
authoritarian regime's gulags.

"Between Primitive Accumulation and the New Enclosures"

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, March 30–31, 2007

Friday, March 30

A.D. White House, Guerlac Room


"Primitive Accumulation" as "Accumulation by Dispossession": An Introduction

Saturday, March 31

Multipurpose Room, Africana Studies and Research Center

"Neoliberalism, Neocolonialism, and the New Enclosures: The Case of Africa"


"War is the health of the state": Afflicted Powers, September 11, and the Need for Anarchist Analysis

"Modernity is many things. Secularization is one of them, and speed-up, and the cult of technics, and disenchantment of the world, and false orientation to the future. But right at the heart of capitalist modernity, we would argue, has been a process of endless enclosure. The great work of the past half-millennium was the cutting-off of the world's natural and human resources from common use. Land, water, the fruits of the forest, the spaces of custom and communal negotiation, the mineral substrate, the life of rivers and oceans, the very airwaves—capitalism has depended, and still depends, on more and more of these shared properties being shared no longer, whatever the violence or absurdity involved in converting the stuff of humanity into this or that item for sale. Enclosure seems to us the best word for the process's overall logic." — Retort, Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War

"These New Enclosures . . . name the large-scale reorganization of the accumulation process which has been underway since the mid-1970s. The main objective of this process has been to uproot workers from the terrain on which their organizational power has been built, so that, like the African slaves transplanted to the Americas, they are forced to work and fight in a strange environment where the forms of resistance possible at home are no longer available. . . Thus, once again, as at the dawn of capitalism, the physiognomy of the world proletariat is that of the pauper, the vagabond, the criminal, the panhandler, the street peddler, the refugee sweatshop worker, the mercenary, the rioter." — Midnight Notes Collective, The New Enclosures

The conference will gather four outstanding thinkers within the field of analysis that both relies on and extends Marx's disquisition in Capital (Volume 1) on what he calls "primitive accumulation." This process of the assertion of the right of private property over land that was previously held in common, that is, of enclosure, has in recent years been understood to continue to extend its reach globally and in ways that Marx could not have anticipated. The participants in the conference, mainstays of the Midnight Notes Collective and the Retort group, are among the most significant contributors to a theory and historiography of the New Enclosures, and to interventions aimed at recovering the commons. Iain Boal, George Caffentzis, Silvia Federici, and Peter Linebaugh will join us. A reader gathering material pertinent to the conference will be available (contact Barry Maxwell).

Sponsors: Society for the Humanities; Institute for German Cultural Studies; Future of Minority Studies Research Project; MITWS (Minority, Indigenous, and Third World Studies Research Group); Africana Studies and Research Center; Ethics and Public Life Program; Anthropology; Asian American Studies; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; English.

Lex (who tried to log in but can't seem to!) writes:

Organized by In the Field

Opening Reception:
Tuesday March 27, 6-8pm

Lecture by Brett Bloom and Ava Bromberg of In the Field:
Thursday March 29, 7pm

common room 2
465 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002
tel.: 212.358.8605

Take F train to East Broadway stop. Exit at rear of platform if coming
downtown or front of platform if coming from Brooklyn. Walk East on
East Broadway just past Pitt Street. Use Rear Entrance on East Broadway.
Map Link: street,+NYC,+NY

Global housing crises are not abstract. They are visible and viscerally experienced on the ground where people sleep, gather, eat and raise their families. While conditions in distinct and distant cultures may differ, they are increasingly interrelated; so are the processes that generate these conditions. People are actively (and passively) unhoused by markets, governments, wars, ethnic violence, gentrification, natural and manmade disasters, and other factors. Where markets and governments fail to provide housing, people are left to provide housing for themselves. The creative efforts of individuals, groups, and others invested in improving the condition of daily life and shelter at the margins of affordability are the subject of this exhibition. The material presented here is drawn from research on creative responses to global housing crises we are doing in preparation for a book called UNHOUSED.

Guaranteed Income Conference

Cambridge, UK, April 28, 2007

You are invited to attend a one-day conference on the subject of

Theories and practices of workplace remuneration and
resistance in the age of cognitive capitalism"

If you wish to attend the conference, or wish to present a paper, please
write to ed.emery [@]

The conference is organised under the aegis of Cambridge's "Left Tea Party".

It will be held in the Palmerston Room of St John's College Cambridge, from
10.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday 28 April 2007.

A programme of speakers is being prepared and will be circulated shortly.

The general thesis arises out of the "Immaterial Labour" labour conference
held at King's in April 2006.

The concept of the wage as we knew it under Fordism and Keynesianism has
been surpassed. Guaranteed income is viewed as the framework for the payment
of society's labour in the era of immaterial labour and cognitive
capitalism. A new conceptual formulation of the wage needs to be arrived at,
as the founding basis of a revolutionary concept of movement. This, in order
to match the revolution taking place in capital's productive capacities. The
conference will look at the theory of Guaranteed Income as developed by
various authors. We shall also look at the history of social movements built
around demands for Guaranteed Income. And we shall look at practical
propositions for campaigning in the here and now.

The conference will draw on the work being done in Italy and France by
authors such as Toni Negri, Carlo Vercellone, Antonella Corsani, Andrea
Fumagalli, Stefano Lucarelli and Yann Moulier-Boutang.

Translated texts will be presented at the conference.

Registration is free, but MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE.

Places are limited, so you are recommended to write sooner rather than

With best regards,

Ed Emery

Universitas adversitatis

First Annual New York Anarchist Book Fair

NY Anarchist Bookfair

NEW YORK — Over 50 independent publishers, booksellers, infoshops and
collectives, record labels, media creators, and labor and other activist
groups will be exhibiting at the 1st Annual, 1st Ever NYC Anarchist Book
Fair, to be held Sat., April 14, in Manhattan. The Book Fair will also
include a tour of New York University's renowned Tamiment Library, plus
an anarchist art exhibition, a film and video festival, and 12 panels
and presentations beginning that day and concluding the next day, Sun.,
April 15. All events are free of charge.

The Book Fair will be held at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington
Square South, 11am–7pm. The exhibitors and other participants in the
Book Fair will give visitors a chance to sample the amazing depth and
diversity of anarchist life, activism, theory, and culture in New York
City and across North America and Europe.

Exhibitors based in New York that are currently scheduled to appear
include MayDay Books & Infoshop, Paper Tiger Television, Autonomedia,
Soft Skull Press, Bluestockings Books, Can't Afford 'em Records, and the
New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists. Out-of-town exhibitors will
include AK Press, Black Rose Books (Montreal), Southpaw Books, Class
War (London), Black Sheep Books, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, The
Wooden Shoe, Chelsea Green Publishing, the Anarchist Federation in the
North of England (Nottingham),, and the Institute for
Anarchist Studies.

Panels and presentations at the Book Fair will include an introductory
panel on "Anarchism and Its Aspirations," plus sessions on "Anarchism
and Supporting Parents and Children," "Anarcha-Feminism: A Panel
Discussion," "Antiauthoritarian Approaches to Resolving Conflict and
Harm," "The Future of Alternative Media," "Destroying Black History: The
Present and Past Attack on the Black Panthers," and "Visions of Anarchy
in the 21st Century."

Food and free childcare will also be available. For a full schedule of
events and complete information on Book Fair exhibitors, visit

Contacts: Eric Laursen, (917) 806-6452

Jenna Freedman, (917) 378-9840


"Shut Them Down!"

David Harvie

Tuesday, March 6th @ 7PM — Free


172 Allen Street @ Stanton (1 block south of Houston)


The book "Shut Them Down!: The G8, Gleneagles, and the Movement of Movements" is an essential collection on the resistance movement at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005. Please join David Harvie in stories from the frontlines, accounts of the mobilization, and perhaps share a glimpse future possibilities.

Anonymous Comrade writes

"Quilombo Country" Preview Screening

New York City, Jan. 15, 2007

Tribes Gallery, 285 E. 3rd Street (Btwn C&D)
Length: 73 minutes. $5 Refreshments courtesy of Beleza Pura Cachaça
DJ tunes by Katie Sardelli & Dave Insley
CONTACT: Leonard Abrams at 212-260-7540

Quilombo Films is previewing "Quilombo Country," a new film about modern-day quilombos, on Monday, January 15 at 7pm at Tribes Gallery. This special preview screening features the film’s new narration by hip hop legend Chuck D of the band Public Enemy. The director, Leonard Abrams, will be present for a Q&A directly following the screening.

Brazil, once the world's largest slave colony, was a brutal and deadly place for millions of Africans. But many thousands escaped or rebelled, creating their own communities in Brazil's untamed hinterland. Largely unknown to the outside world, today these communities, known as quilombos, struggle to preserve a rich heritage born of resistance to oppression.

Sixth General Assembly

New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists

January 21, 2007

Calling all anarchists, anti-authoritarians, horizontalists, and grassroots activists! Come join us as we plant the seeds of the anarchist century!

Mark your calendars: You are cordially invited to the Sixth General Assembly of the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists / Alianza de anarquistas del área metropolitana de Nueva York (NYMAA).

Date: Sunday, January 21, 2007
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Place: Sixth Street Community Center, 638 East 6th Street between Avenues B and C in Manhattan.

In the midst of a deep, dark winter, what better way to spend a grey Sunday afternoon than gathering together with scores of like-minded revolutionaries who are organizing to build a better world?

On March 4, 2006, 65 radicals, revolutionists, and anarchists came together in an historic gathering and founded an explicitly anarchist organization--the first of its kind in NYC in nearly 100 years! Since then, much has been accomplished, yet much more must be done in order to forge a lasting antiauthoritarian presence on the streets of New York.

In order for the ideas of horizontalism and revolution to firmly take root among broad swaths of people, anarchists need to band together for the purpose of initiating and nurturing a wide range of projects. NYMAA's aim is to build momentum and contribute to a genuine movement of resistance and liberation that can ultimately uproot the brutality of authoritarianism, capitalism, and oppression.

Along those lines, NYMAA has arguably initiated the largest upswing in anarchist organizing that this city has seen in a very long time, marking as its accomplishments a number of ongoing projects, groups, and campaigns. This is truly a historic time, as we continue to build anarchist communities and projects while connecting and facilitating communication with other radical and revolutionary groups and organizations.

You can read more about NYMAA and familiarize yourself with its basic organizational structure (we strongly encourage this) by visiting:

Proposals and other agenda items for the General Assembly are welcomed. Please e-mail them along with any RSVPs (especially if you're bringing
kids!) to: nymaa-comms [at] riseup [dot] net

Food and beverages, as well as childcare, will also be provided.

History / Herstory in the making! Don't miss it! See you there!

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