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Citizens' Coal Council writes "Join
members of the Citizens' Coal Council, members of the UMWA, and other concerned
citizens at the Massey Company Stockholders' Meeting on April 16.


will be leaving from Southwest Virginia! The ride and meals will be provided by
UMWA and the Citizens' Coal Council.


Schedule of Events for "A22 Week" Protests in Washington, DC

Tuesday 16 April 2002

Public Citizen, Nuclear Information & Resource Service, Alliance for
Nuclear Accountability Rally & Press Conference Opposing the Yucca
Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump, 11am-12:30pm -- West side of the Capitol.
Contact Lisa Gue, Phone: 202.454.5130; Email:; Website:
anarchist resistance. Email:
mutual aid

Wednesday 17 April 2002

Anti-Capitalist Convergence (ACC) Resisting Capitalist Globalization
Panel Discussion, 6pm - National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle
NW (off 14th St, between N & Massachusetts -- please enter in the back,
through the parking lot). McPherson Square Metro. Free. Website:
abolish the bank 703.276.9768, Email: abolish the bank

A war is currently being waged against the Palestinian people by the state of Israel and by the United States. Their prime motivation is not to protect Israel, but to protect the elite and their agenda of corporate globalization. The Israeli military is forcing people from their homes and killing innocent civilians in cold blood, while the people of Palestine are fighting to keep their homeland. This war is funded by US tax dollars, and directed by the war criminal Ariel Sharon, who fully supports the atrocities committed by the Israeli military.

Naag planning committee writes "come one come all to the North American Anarchist Gathering this June 6-9th in Lawrence Kansas. we hope to see you all there

Zagreb Conference, "Another World Is Possible!"

April 18, 19 and 20, 2002

"Another World Is Possible" is an initiative founded by individuals from different groups and NGOs*. The manifestation organized by the initiative will include a conference which will cover many topics concerning economic globalisation and its consequences as well as alternatives. The conference will be held on April 18, 19 and 20, 2002 on the premises of the Faculty of Political Sciences (Zagreb, Lepusiceva 6) and multimedia center m.a.m.a. (Zagreb, Preradoviceva 18). Participants of the conference will be different scientists, scholars, professors and journalists. At this moment (April 3, 2002) the following speakers already confirmed their participation:

Todd Gitlin, Media Unlimited:

How Media Overwhelm Our Lives

Anarchist Forum, April 9, 7:30 pm. Brecht Forum

On Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's Anarchist Forum welcomes Todd Gitlin giving a
presentation on his new book Media Unlimited. Gitlin will discuss and document how we live in a supersaturated mess
of sounds and images directed at us by Big Business and Big Government. Invasion of our thoughts and emotions are
with us always: video games, elevator music, billboards, waiting room TV, soundtrucks, the mobile phone, etc. Gitlin, in
addition to his practical presentation, will give the whole a theoretical underpinning by discussing the writings of such
sociologists as Georg Simmel.

24th Marxist Literary Group Summer Institute

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, June 16–23, 2002

The Marxist Literary Group announces the 24th annual summer Institute on Culture and Society. The Institute began as a three-week seminar featuring Fredric Jameson, Terry Eagleton, and Gayatri Spivak, among others as faculty. Over the years, it has evolved into a more or less week-long event, that remains different from the usual academic conference. While papers are presented at many of the sessions, others are structured as
reading groups or discussions. Film and video screenings, and poetry and fiction readings are often included. Participants are encouraged to stay for as much of Institute as possible, and discouraged from just dropping in for a single session. While we try to accommodate all participants who want to present a paper, many participants choose not to present.

Whirl-Mart is a worldwide consumption awareness ritual which happens on a monthly basis and will coincide with Big Business Day in April. Participants gather at superstores and form a chain of people who push empty carts through the aisles. A Whirl may seem to be no more than an absurd and chaotic infiltration of peoples‚ usual shopping space, but it is symbolic as well. It is symbolic of the will to resist consumerism and advertising, despite being saturated in it mentally and physically (as one is inside a superstore). As a form of protest, it is unique because of its silent meditative qualities.

Join Reverend Billy for a Rabble Rousing Rally

Astor Place, 3 PM, Saturday April 6th, 2002

Reverend Billy writes:

"Children, this weekend we descend into the steaming hellfire of hissing capuccinos. Stay in character and save a soul!" Each of these sketches has 2 or 3 characters. We enter the cafe as regular customers. Please pick your favorite issues and email us: reverend billy. We'll connect you with your scene partners. reverend billy starbucks

Click here to check out the $bucks invasion kit.

1. Astor Place Starbucks: - WHERE WE HAVE SEX IN THE BATHROOM

2. Cooper Union Starbucks: - WHERE WE ARE CORRUPT

3. Barnes & Noble Astor Pl. Starbucks: - WHERE WE ARE VIRTUALLY HIP

4. 8th Street & Mercer Starbucks: - WHERE $BUCKS PRISON LABORERS GET THEIR BUZZ

5. Broadway & Bond Starbucks: - WHERE WE DESTROY THE JONES DINER


7. 10th St. and 2nd Ave. Starbucks: - WHERE WE PERFORM THE STARBUCKS MEMO: -



10. New School University Starbucks: - WHERE DIFFERENCE IS ERADICATED

In observance of National Big Business Day Organized by Citizen Works, Ralph Nader presiding


"Festival del Pueblo"

Boston, May 1–5, 2002

A five-day-long gathering with anarchist bookfair, free school, community carnival, concerts, radical sports tournament, marches, demonstrations, and direct actions.

As yuppies increase the cost of living in our neighborhoods; as greedy landlords raise our rents and drive us out of our homes; as the police enforce racist policies, persecuting and caging like animals our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters; while politicians turn a blind eye...

The voice of the people calls out demanding justice!

     As businessmen exploit "illegal" immigrants who live under the constant fear of deportation or worse; as we get paid less even though everything costs more; as we are forced to waste our youth and our old age in the indignity of shit jobs; while even union officials turn a blind eye...

We unite our voices to better our lives!

     From the workers who died in the 1880s fighting for the eight hour work day, from our Latin American brothers and sisters who have fought so long for freedom, from the Black liberation soldiers who died victims of racism, from the immigrants of all countries, legal or illegal, who rise up and demand that they not be shoved aside...

We draw our inspiration!

     From May 1st - 5th, those of us who are sick and tired of being cold all winter, of living on too little food, on too little money, of being harassed for being the wrong color; those of us who are tired of struggling just to survive will come together in Boston in a struggle to truly live...

This is the Festival del Pueblo!

A 5-day celebration of resistance, of community, and of freedom. Visit the website for full gathering details.

Website: festival del pueblo

Email: Festival del Pueblo

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