"Guy Debord Literary Society"

Anti-Capitalist Reading Collective Announced, New York City

In the midst of our everyday organizing, we as activists often leave little time for discussion on theory, history and current issues. In response to that, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence is proud to launch a new reading and discussion group, the Guy Debord Literary Society.

The aim is to meet monthly, after choosing a text or book and reading that throughout the following month. Everyone will be responsible for buying, not buying, or borrowing the book and reading it within the month, with the goal of having a discussion at the end of the month.

We are working on a relationship with May Day Books where they would order the books and sell them to us at discount prices.
We are also hoping to build more relationships with local book presses.

Chosen texts would be of an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian nature, either tying in with our current work, or educating ourselves. Books could be the staples [i.e. Mutual Aid, The Society of the Spectacle, etc.] as well as the obscure less known ones. Alternatively, a month could have a theme, and people read different books relating to that theme.

In relation to our ongoing security discussion, the first book will be Brian Glick's War at Home, published by South End Press. If you want to participate, you would have to this text by the time of our first meeting and discussion, Thursday March 28, 7 PM. It's very short, so it will sort of be a trial book to see how things go.

All Welcome. Please contact me for suggestions, queries, or if you want to be involved.

Who: Guy Debord Literary Society

Sponsored by the New York City
Anti-Capitalist Convergence

When: Thursday, March 28 7:00 PM
Topic: We will be discussing Brian Glick's War At Home
Location TBA


"I have read many books in my life, but I have drunk even more." -- Guy Debord

2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference

Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park, Surry Hills

Sydney, Australia

7pm, March 28-April 1, 2002

The agenda for the large conference is listed below:

jim writes "The New York City Memorial for Martin Glaberman, a beloved friend and
comrade to many, who passed away recently, will be held Saturday, April
13th at 5:30 pm, at Tamiment Library - NYU.

The library holds the labor history and radical history archives and is on
the 10th floor of 70 Washington Square South - the tall red brick building
at the corner of the park; the building is the main library at NYU. The
Memorial will constitute a panel at the Socialist Scholars Conference.
Speakers expected as of now include Staughton Lynd, Ferruccio Gambino,
Peter Linebaugh, Scott McLemee, Gene Glaberman and others.

For more information, please contact Steven Colatrella at 973-226-9097.

The main desk phone number for the Tamiment Library is 212-998-2630. The
guards at the library entrance will be informed of our event, and
instructed to let guests enter to go up to the 10th floor; please bring a
photo id. In case of any misunderstanding about entering the building for
the event, please have them call 998-2630."

Transmissions: Globalization, Technology, Media

Thursday, April 25, 2002 - Saturday, April 27, 2002

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, The Hefter Center

Below is a plain text version of the schedule. Please go to the site for a
more reader-friendly version tech conf


The contemporary characters of technology, communication networks, and the arts have all been affected by world-wide trends, now often designated by the short-hand, "globalization." Against this background, the conference aims to expand on recent scholarship and suggest new ways of thinking about
the interaction among media forms and technologies (both broadly defined) in the global contexts and corresponding notions of transmission, flows, journeys, passage-ways and currents. The conference gathers approaches that push the definitions of media technology and globalization, considering
these terms theoretically, historically, or as fodder for invention, art, and fabulation.

The Ides of March

NYC's ABC No Rio Third Biannual Exhibition

Third Biannual Building-Wide Exhibition at ABC No Rio

Over 60 Artists Featured on Four Floors

March 14-April 11



VIEWING HOURS: Tuesdays & Thursdays-5:00 to 7:00PM

London "Mayday in Mayfair" Festival of Alternatives Announced

This Mayday, as well as the mass action (more info
below) we are holding a Mayday Festival of
Alternatives -- a week or so of events which celebrate
and demonstrate autonmous, anti-capitalist,
co-operative culture. This will be shown through many
useful hands-on workshops, plus lots of fun film
showings, art exhibitions, parties/picnics, and

Northeast Anti-G8 Roadshow and Caravan Scheduled,

From Quebec City to New York, Toronto to Ottawa

Between April 2 to April 17, activists from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta will
be taking to the road in a three-week caravan against the G8. The caravan
will be linking with community groups and local activists in the Northeast
region. In addition to information about the G8, and the regional
mobilization in Ottawa on June 26-27 ("Take the Capital!"), the caravan will
be presenting info about a wide range of topics, from the Common Front
Campaign against the Tory government in Ontario, to the Peoples
Action (PGA) international network of resistance, to the planning for
resistance in Alberta in June.

The Jouissance of Transgression: Lacan and Crime

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University

Sunday-Monday, March 10-11, 2002

The event will be held at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th St), NYC

We live in a time when new forms of violence are emerging. The September 11th attack on the United States revealed an unrecognized willingness of terrorists to sacrifice their own lives in order to hurt their "enemies." In the last decade, national conflicts around the globe have resulted in the most brutal forms of torture against civilian populations. In our daily lives, we increasingly hear of brutal crimes committed by young
children and teenagers and between parents and children. The most shocking observation is that many people do not even attempt to give an excuse for why they commit crime, other than for the pure joy of it.

In the mid-twentieth century, French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan developed a startlingly novel school of psychoanalysis by integrating Freudian theory within the context of the Continental speculative philosophical tradition. Lacan suggests that there is a particular jouissance experienced in crime. Participants at this unique conference will ask how the logic of jouissance can explain violence against oneself and others. Leading scholars from many disciplines, including law, philosophy, literary and critical theory, and anthropology, as well as practicing
psychoanalytic clinicians will consider the interrelationship between jouissance, crime, and law.

Psychoanalysis claims that certain primal prohibitions form the basis of the moral law that governs not only social norms but also a subject's inner self. What is the link between these external and internal norms? Paradoxically, the law that society imposes onto the subject does not necessarily limit the subject's behavior-sometimes the subject commits the crime precisely to escape the pressure and feelings of guilt that arise
from his or her inner prohibitions. Crime and guilt are revealed as the founding conditions of law. Can psychoanalysis illuminate the subject's relation to legal punishment? And do lawyers need to know about psychoanalysis in order to better perform their jobs?

Portuguese Conference on "World English"

"Language -- Communication -- Culture"

Evora, Portugal, Nov. 27-30, 2002

Announcement and Call for Papers

The "English in the World: New Directions" team, at the University of Evora, and the English Culture Studies Group, at the University of Lisbon, decided earlier this year, after consultations which took place during and after the Fifth International English Culture Conference held in Lisbon on Nov. 28-30, 2001, to co-organise an International Conference that could combine, and give a wider scope to, their distinct but complementary
projects -- the Evora project with its focus on the role, developments and prospects of English in the world, both as the language of communication and culture in English-speaking nations and as a second and foreign language, the lingua franca of communication and culture in the major contemporary transnational flows; the Lisbon project with its focus on a
social sciences and humanities approach to culture and major contemporary themes, problematics and theories.

Anonymous Comrade writes "

"Drugaciji svijet je moguc!" ["Another World is Possible!"]

We gathered in initiative "Drugaciji svijet je moguc" to create a wide social coalition which can offer alternatives to corporate globalisation, capitalism, neoliberalism, and which would work towards creation of general economic, political and social
equality. Our statement, something that we might call the "main text" of our manifesto, partly makes use of some conclusions made in Porto Alegre during WSF meeting, although it's more local, since the manifestation that we organise is happening in Zagreb.

The initiative is organised by a wide range of groups and individuals, from anarchist groups to human right groups, from feminist groups to anti-militarist groups. Also, we "negotiate" with workers unions, as we find them important (although
we can't agree with everything they do) in the process of fighting global and local problems. Our main idea is not to include political parties in this initiative and any other group that might be racist, nationalist, xenophobic, or exists to get power over people.

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