Noam Chomsky will be giving a talk in New York tomorrow evening.

Event details are at Autonomedia Events Calendar

Chomsky has just returned from Turkey where he attended the trial of his
Turkish publisher who was facing up to a year in jail for publishing an
essay of Chomsky's.

Some Chomsky comments on his Turkish visit may be found below:

Popular Education for a Free Society

Spring & Summer 2002 Courses in Social Ecology

The Institute for Social Ecology (ISE), located amid central Vermont's
rolling mountains, has been a center for education and action working with
the ideas of social ecology since the 1970s. The ISE and its programs also
serve as a forum for serious dialogue among ecological, social justice, and
anti-capitalist activists, as a laboratory for new ecological technologies,
and as a resource for community groups around the world. For the spring and
summer of 2002, the ISE is again offering its widely acclaimed programs.

Help "Wipout" Intellectual Property: A Counter-Essay Contest

WIPOUT, the international intellectual property counter-essay contest, is
entering its latter stages after receiving more than 30 essays from 12
countries. The closing date for entries is 15 March 2002.

Entrants are asked
to address the same topic that the World Intellectual Property Organization
asked in a contest it also launched in 2001: "What does intellectual
property mean to you in your daily life?" All of the essays submitted to
WIPOUT to date and the contest rules can be found on the WIPOUT site:


Submissions are welcome in English, French, German and Spanish.

Conference on Cultural Imperialism

October 17-20, 2002, Trier, Germany

A two-day conference is being planned to be held in fall 2002 in Trier,
Germany, on Cultural Imperialism.

Contributions are invited from all relevant fields including history of
arts, architecture, history, popular music, the media, advertising and
PR, sociology, economics, political lobbying, WTO-GATS, food,
linguistics and others. Publication of the proceedings is intended.

The Conference on Cultural Imperialism (working title) will begin on
Thursday october 17, 2002, with diner and perhaps a first evening
session. We will have two working days, Friday 18 and Saturday 19, and
participants will depart on Sunday 20 October after breakfast. The
venue is Robert Schuman House, Trier, a well-equipped new conference
center above the city of Trier where participants will also stay
overnight. At this moment we think about a more symposium-like
(Friday) aiming at sorting out the multiple facets of cultural
imperialism and pulling strings together, and a public event on
aiming at media coverage.

Internet Research 3.0: NET / WORK / THEORY

International and Interdisciplinary Conference

of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

International Institute of INFONOMICS and University of Maastricht

Maastricht, the Netherlands

October 13-16 2002

Conference Website:

Call for papers

Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2002.


The Internet has become an integral, ubiquitous part of everyday life in
many social domains and international contexts. Yet, most of the public
attention on cyberspace remains fueled by utopian or dystopian visions,
rather than being informed by the growing body of research on the
Internet as a complex fact of modern life.

Internet Research (IR) 3.0, an international and interdisciplinary
conference, will feature a variety of perspectives on Internet research,
in order to develop a better theoretical and pragmatic understanding of
the Internet. Building on the previous well-attended international
conferences, the IR 3.0 will bring together prominent scholars,
researchers, and practitioners from many disciplines, fields and
countries for a program of presentations, panel discussions, and
informal exchanges.

National Student Antiwar Conference

Columbia University, February 22-24, 2002

Register at Anti War Conference

Get more information by writing**

In this update:

1. Why We are Having this Conference!

2. Preliminary Schedule

3. Confirmed Speakers

4. Proposed Workshops

5. Submitting Proposals, Process, Delegate Structure

6. Registration and Housing

7. Still Time to Propose a Workshop or Submit a Proposal

8. How to Reserve a Literature Table

The World Can be Stopped! Insubordination is Possible!

All libertarians and libertarian organisations are invited to participate in
a meeting in Barcelona in which we will discuss the following rough draft of
a Libertarian Call to Sevilla and the proposals of actions and events which
will be brought by the friends and comrades from Andalusia.

TIME AND DATE: Sunday, 17th March at 10.00 a.m.
VENUE: To be announced. A central location in Barcelona.

History of Activism, History as Activism

A Graduate Student Conference

Sponsored by the Columbia History Department

Columbia University, New York, April 5-6, 2002

Dear colleagues,

we wish to invite you to our upcoming conference.

The proposed schedule for the two-day conference follows:

Making Social Movements:

The British Marxist Historians and the Study of
Social Movements

June 26-28, 2002, Edge Hill College of Higher Education, England

Conference Sponsors

The Social Movements Research Group, Edge Hill College of Higher Education,
The London Socialist Historians Group, The Socialist History Society,
Historical Materialism

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Dorothy Thompson

Brian Manning

Bryan D Palmer

Ellen Wood


Update: As of 10 am Jan 31, 2002 NYC time, the WEF site is DOWN!


WEEEEEEEEE!!! We are NOW DANCING ON the Strategic Partners! JOIN US NOW!!


Plus a Zapatista Tale -- "Another Apple, Another Politics."
(In the First Comments Box Below)

NETSTRIKE against the World Economic Fools meeting in NYC,

January 31-February 4, 2002

The WORLD ECONOMIC FOOLS, a who's-who of transnational
corporate reps and CEOs, will be meeting from January 31 to
February 4, 2002 in New York City to plan the continued
erosion of human rights, environmental standards, sustainable
development, and social justice, all in the name of ever-greater
corporate profit margins.

WE PITY THESE FOOLS who blindly believe that corporate
globalization and the worldwide imposition of neoliberal
economic policies can withstand the mounting tide of
grassroots resistance.


JOIN Electronic Disturbance Theater and the Federation of
Random Action in a Netstrike against corporate globalization,
DISTURB the electronic infrastructure of the WEF's corporate
membership, in a collective demand that the FOOLS LISTEN UP
when the people of Earth are speaking, MOVE YOUR DATA-BUTT
and place your data-body alongside the REAL BUTTS of thousands
who will be taking to the streets in NYC, and help advance an
alternative vision where people are more important than profit.

TO PARTICIPATE DOWNLOAD Your Virtual Sit-In Tool, below:

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