José Martí & Henry George

Lecture and Discussion

6–8 pm, Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

149 Madison Avenue, Suite #601 (at East. 32nd Street)

New York City

Two visiting speakers from Havana, Armando Nova Gonzales of the Center for Studies of the Cuban Economy, and Luis Marcelo Yera of the Cuban National Institute of Economic Research, will lecture on and discuss the influence of the United States writer and reformer, Henry George (1839–1897), on the Cuban writer and revolutionary, José Martí (1853–1895).

Chaired by Christopher Williams, with translations by Manuel Felix.

Carl Hancock Rux, "Talk"

Carl Hancock Rux (Pagan Operetta) has written a new play

27 perfomances only 3/29-4/28 at NYC's Public Theatre

Special ticket offer below

From a-infos:

B.U.R.N. TC 2002: Building Urban Resistance Networks
in the Twin Cities April 26-May 1

The BURN gathering is a chance for radical activists in the Twin
Cities to gather and work together to buld a stronger community
of resistance. Taking place at Babylon Gallery, the 5 day event
will include a film fest, concert, skill shares, panels, an anarchist book fair and much much more. We are asking a sliding scale donation of $1-20 to cover costs for the event. No one will
be turned away from a BURN event for lack of funds. A website will be up soon.The tenative schedule is

Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival

May 10 – 12, 2002, Call for submissions by April 15

The Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, part of
the Matches and Mayhem events, is looking for submissions.
The Festival will be over the weekend of May 10-12.
Submission deadline is April 15.

During the next few months, we will develop another great
program of recent and rare works by and/or about anarchists.
The work of curating the Anarchist Film Festival has inspired
a new project to promote screenings of anarchist films here
and around the country. This new project, the Anarchist
Video Library (AnViL) is also seeking submissions of recent
and past works for our lending and permanent collections.

In addition, AnViL is sponsoring a feast for filmmakers where
anarchist filmmakers can network, discuss their work and the
works in the festival, and talk about the importance of forging
an anarchist film culture.

Earth Celebrations 12th Annual Rites of Spring Benefit

Earth Celebrations

Celebrating & Preserving Community Gardens through the Arts


Supporting educational & environmental arts programs to
celebrate and preserve New York City's Community Gardens


8:30-10:30pm - DANCE PARTY: (with DJ Shakey)

Spectacular Costume Garden Characters * Performance * Dancing

Dance Party continues 10:30PM into the night
at the discretion of club promotional staff

DANCE PARTY: $15 (in advance) $20 (at the door) -

All guests must enter before 10pm

SPA Nightclub

76 East 13th Street

(bet. Broadway & 4th Avenue)


Bringing Variety Back to NYC

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus


5 nights a week of variety entertainment

Circus, Sideshow, Vaudeville & Burlesque

at the Mazer Theater, 197 East Broadway, NYC

a historic off-Broadway Theater in the Lower East Side
located Between Clinton & Jefferson
Half a block from the East. Broadway "F" Train stop

Info/Reservations: 1-877-BINDLES Web: Bindlestiffs

This article was updated 3/27 with new info from the author

-Uncle Fluffy

Help Australians Organize Migration Politics Protest

Join the Global Fax Jam by "Boat People" March 29, 2002


A government-sponsored xenophobia disaster is
enveloping Australia and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

In contravention of UN conventions on refugees,
Australia incarcerates asylum seekers in detention
camps around the country, run for profit by American
private prison corporations. The suffering of the
imprisoned refugees, many of whom are children, is a
matter of record. Our government seems to believe that
we are so far away from everyone else that they can
ignore UN obligations without censure from the rest of
the world.

We call upon artists/activists everywhere to help us
agitate for change. Let the Australian government know
that the world IS watching.

Automobility, A Conference

Centre for Social Theory & Technology

Keele University, UK, September 8th-10th, 2002
Final call for Abstracts and Interest

Our initial call for abstracts has greatly exceeded our expectations. We have had submissions from throughout Europe, North and South America and Australasia, from people working in areas including history, philosophy, sociology, literature, cultural criticism, film and television studies, defence, gender studies, geography and planning and, of course, transport research. We have confirmed papers from, amongst others, Nigel Thrift, J. Hillis Miller and John Urry. This is our final call for abstracts and indications of interest to attend what promises to be a very exciting event. Note that abstracts and indications of interest must be received by 31 March 2002.

Autonomadic Bookmobile & Sideshow Benefit

New York City , March 29, 2002


The AUTONOMADIC BOOKMOBILE, the lovechild of Autonomedia and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, is a medicine show of small-press books and zines which travels the USA spreading surprise, subversion, and sideshow in its wake. Now the Autonomadic Bookmobile & Sideshow presents New York with a night of musical mishegas and sideshow svengalism, in a benefit performance to raise funds for the Bookmobile's spring '02 tour.

Greetings comrades,

The first issue of The Communitarian Anarchist, a quarterly newsletter of the Anarchist Communitarian Network, is out now! The contents include:

-"Anarchism and the Cooperative Ideal" by Peter Staudenmaier

-Proposal for a Federation of Anti-Authoritarian Intentional Communities

-collectives & projects reports

-book reviews for Communities Directory 2000 and The Coming Anarchy

-Report on the FIC conference by Chaz Bufe

-upcoming events

-ACN position papers

-report on squatting struggles in Montreal

To receive a free copy (or copies to distribute), send your snail mail address to Marc Silverstein

In solidarity, Marc Silverstein

Anarchist Communitarian Network

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